Thursday, January 8, 2009

Healthy Snack varieties

Now that the healthy options for the three main meals have been dealt with,one tends to wonder if there is any thing called a "healthy snack"? What are you supposed to eat when hunger strikes and you are hours away from your next meal? Snack by all means,but choose wisely, as most snacks are high in calories and low in other nutrients.Nutritious snack foods are a great way to provide energy and nutrients until your next meal,but that does not mean that these can be eaten in unlimited quantities. That means,you would still require to control the amount you eat.

So here are some of the examples for a "Nutritious" snack:
  • Fruit chaat/ Fruit bowl (No Sugar or Honey).A mix of salad vegetables and fruits with chaat masala
  • Sukkha/Dry Bhel (No Sev or Papadi)
  • Corn/Kabuli Channa bhel (No Sev or Papadi)
  • A handful of mixed dry fruits and nuts(10-15 numbers in all)
  • Smoothies made with fruits and low-fat curd/yogurt(No sugar)
  • 2-3 high-fibre Marie biscuits(top it with cut fruits for a change)
  • Home made popcorn (made with very less oil)
  • Steamed/grilled corn on the cob(bhutta)
You could have this with a glass of thin buttermilk,black tea with lime or even fresh juice(no added sugar).

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Wow all these snack options sound yummy...when can I start?? :)