Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Healthier choices when eating out :

Ever since I put up the last article on lunch and dinner options, I’ve received a lot of emails from friends requesting for tips on choosing healthier options at the office cafeteria and restaurants in general.
Firstly, don’t shy away from asking for food to be cooked with less oil. Chances are that the Masala Dosa that you asked to be made “without oil/ghee” will be made with just 2 teaspoons of oil instead of the regular 5-6 teaspoons, which still makes a big difference in the long run!! Most restaurants nowadays are eager to please their customers and will go the extra mile if asked to do so-so, go ahead and ask!!

Here are some of the other stuff you need to avoid:
.Fried papads
.Pooris/Naans/ Roomali rotis
.Cream soups
.Fried fish
.Fried chicken
.Dal fry
.Fried momos/Spring rolls
.Chow mein
.Oily pulavs/fried rice
.Cream sauces

Instead try:
.Roasted papads
.Phulkas/Chapathi/ Rotis (No oil/butter/ghee)
.Clear soups
.Fish curry
.Tandoori/ Grilled/ Tikka chicken
.Plain dal
.Steamed momos
.Stir-fried food
.Plain rice
.Marinara sauce
.Fruit bowl/platter

It's a different matter if you eat out occasionally(read: once a month),but if you eat out on a daily basis,it makes sense to choose the healthier options.

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