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Lockdown and Weight Gain?

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Weight Management :Tips for Lockdown and Work From Home
Lockdown and Weight Gain? Should you worry?
The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the way we live. To help keep us safe, it is likely that our lives will be different for a while.
Physical Health and Well being:
With Covid-19, the Lockdown and Working from home has become a common feature of our lives in 2020, home working brings its own challenges when it comes to staying physically and mentally healthy. For those living on their own, feeling isolated all day, finding yourself 'just finishing things off' at 11pm, or constantly fighting the temptation to polish off the leftover ice-cream are just some of the issues for those of us using our lounge room as an office. 
Lockdown and Weight Gain? Should you worry?
48 percent of people say they have put on weight during lockdown in a new survey. But don't stress out.Here are some tips to help you improve your overall well being while working from home:

  1. Set up a separate office space.
  2. Maintain a healthy work-life balance by logging your time and setting limits.
  3. Get up every hour and get out at least once a day.
  4. Choose a good chair.
  5. Keep the kitchen stocked with healthy snacks and meals.
  6. Eat only when hungry. Stop snacking endlessly or due to boredom.
  7. Take frequent breaks-every hour is a good idea. Take a walk to the kitchen, have a glass of water, stretch and take a quick 10 minute walk.
  8. Use a watch/app to monitor the number of steps you get in a day-aim at getting at least 10,000 steps.
Lockdown and Weight Gain? Should you worry? The lockdown has increased the sedentary lifestyle in most houses. Those who used to hit the gym to get their daily dose of exercise are no longer able to do this. A sedentary lifestyle is used to denote a type of lifestyle most commonly found in modern cultures. It is characterized by sitting or remaining inactive for most of the day, with little or no exercise.
Are you a victim of Sedentary Lifestyle? Unfortunately with the lockdown everyone of us have become victims.
Read on to know how you can bring some activity into your daily routine.
Overweight and a sedentary lifestyle are directly linked and are together responsible for most of the lifestyle diseases that we come across today. The problem is caused by people eating too much, or exercising too little, or most often; a combination of both.
A sedentary lifestyle is linked to diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, depression and even hemorrhoids.
Lack of exercise causes muscle atrophy, i.e. shrinking and weakening of the muscles thereby increasing susceptibility to physical injury. Additionally, physical fitness is correlated with immunity and a reduction in physical fitness is generally accompanied by a weakening of the immune system.
Research shows that people who are physically active are biologically younger than the ones who are couch potatoes. This means that your body may feel and appear much older than you actually are.
Today, a lot of people just sit and work in their houses.After they finish work, they end up spending endless hour watching TV. Working from home all day ends up in virtually no physical movement at all. As a result, they are being diagnosed with mental and chronic diseases. It is important to maintain a minimum level of physical activity as it provides a number of immediate health benefits and prevents lifestyle diseases later in life.
Much more than weight loss:
Lose Weight the Healthy Way. It is important to be physically active not just to lose weight but for a number of other reasons -
> Low levels of activity, resulting in fewer calories used than consumed, contribute to the high prevalence of obesity or overweight.
> Physical activity may lead to better body fat distribution.
> A number of health benefits can be obtained by including a moderate amount of physical activity during the day
> Physical activity reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes  in particular
> Physical activity also improves mental health and is good for the muscles, bones and joints
According to most guidelines, 30 minutes of physical activity in a day for just five days in a week can have significant health benefits.For those with high-stress jobs or desk jobs, a brisk walk for 30 minutes for every working day of the week helps in not only weight management but also in preventing a number of posture and lifestyle related disorders.
Lose weight the healthy way -
Engaging in physical activity will help you in permanent weight loss. It will improve your metabolism and also keep you away from lifestyle diseases. Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle simply because we do not have the time or now, even a place to exercise.
Get going -
It is important that you build physical activity into your daily schedule. It would be difficult at first but you must keep in mind the following tips:
> Start gradually. Start with walking 10-15 minutes every hour. This can be inside your house, in your backyard, or even on the terrace/ corridors. This will ensure that your Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) does not fall.
> Do not give yourself targets you can not achieve
> Set specific goals for yourself. This makes it easier to reach the goals
> Involve your family and friends. Let them motivate you to do your best.
> Focus on the long term benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
> Buy an exercycle, or an elliptical or ake up a sport like table tennis (you can always start by converting your dining table).

Stress and Mental Health:
The impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, physical distancing and isolation can make us feel anxious, stressed and worried.When we aren’t able to see our friends and family regularly, it can be harder to keep on top of how we’re feeling.
Being aware of how you’re feeling and knowing what you can do to look after your mental wellbeing is an important part of staying healthy during this challenging time.
While it is reasonable for people to be concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus, try to remember that medical, scientific and public health experts around the world are working hard to contain the virus, treat those affected and develop a vaccine as quickly as possible.

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