Saturday, July 18, 2020

Bye Bye Belly Fat

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A flat belly is every one’s deep desire. 
Bye, Bye Belly Fat
Our Indian palette somehow doesn’t allow us the perfect girth we all wish for. Our starchy meals are the main cause of that ugly paunch. Besides, festive cooking and large portion sizes are responsible for bulging belly. 
Let me share some practical tips to help you lose the fat from your belly: Skip sugar. Sugar, sweets, desserts all are simple sugars. That is, they are immediately absorbed and flow in the blood stream and raise insulin. Elevated insulin’s are responsible for increased belly fat. 
Avoid sugary beverages. Try and have plain water, lemonade, buttermilk, coconut water as thirst quenchers. Sugar laden and alcoholic beverages are empty calories that add to your excess belly bulge.  Early dinner help. Although it is the total calories and quality of food that impact your shape, it is wise to eat supper earliest. Eat early and let the meal digest before you go to bed. 
Avoid simple carbohydrates. Breads, potatoes, rice, refined flour. Replace it with protein rich foods and maybe some wholegrains, oats and millets along with it. This will show you good results. Whole grains are wholesome, filling, allow good intestine clearance. 
Walk a lot. Exercise is essential to release happy hormones. Endorphins suppress stress hormones that are the reason for adding bulge to belly. 
Go slow. The crazy lifestyle is not helping. Stay calm, focused, and happy and fell the difference. Meditate or just listen to relaxing music. 
Sleep well. Studies show that sleep time less than 8 hours is responsible for increasing weight. Rest your body and mind and feel the difference.
With these little changes, you can realize your dream of saying bye, bye to your belly fat in the not too distant future.
Sweta Uchil
Online Indian Dietitian
Thank you all for your support and feedback.
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