Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Read Food Labels

I just heard that the Union Health and Family Ministry(India) will make it mandatory for food manufacturers to put up Nutritional information on products-way to go Dr Ramadoss!! This move(albeit a little late)comes close on the heels of his attack on junk food consumption among Indians and it's impact on health. Food labellings will make consumers aware of ingredients, calories and the amount of fat(among other nutrients) that they consume.
All this is great,but one also has the educate the general public about "How to read,understand and use food labels".So,could the Ministry please put out a website/public service message to help educate people?
Until then,take a look at the US Food and Drug Administration info on reading food labels that I found on a blog called 'Words Of A Foodie' by Jamel Drake:

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