Thursday, February 12, 2009

South Asians More Prone to Diabetes

Why doesn't it surprise me??
A report in the Times Of India talks about a research conducted in the UK which shows that South Asians (including Indians) living there are more likely to develop Diabetes then the rest of the population!
With India fast becoming(or already) the "Diabetes Capital of the World",it's no surprise that geographic locations is not going to make a difference to their health status.The same reason why the new BMI guidelines (I have already mentioned about) apply to every Indian/South Asian regardless of where they live or what passport they hold.
With changing food habits, a more sedentary lifestyle and also the fact that South-Asians are genetically predisposed to such ailments means that we are more likely to develop not just Diabetes,but a lot of other lifestyle related diseases like cancer,heart disease,etc.
What is the solution?
Get back to eating traditional foods which are far more healthier than the junk that has replaced it, reduce usage of oil and sugar, eat more whole grains and legumes,vegetables and fruits and exercise daily.


One Food Guy said...

I'd be willing to bet the increasing rate of diabetes cases has a lot to do with sweets in India. I'm born and raised in the USA of Eastern European descent, and I just can't eat most of the sweets in India, they are almost always mostly sugar. Some I enjoy, but others are just too sweet.

Sweta (My Indian Dietitian) said...

Well said!Now you know why Indians are so 'sweet';-)ha,ha.
Don't ever make a trip to India during Diwali-it's more a 'Festival of sweets' rather than 'lights'!!