Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Insulin in a bubblegum-definitely a boon for Diabetics!

I've never been a big fan of bubblegum,but the idea of chewing a bubblegum instead of an insulin jab is most welcome.
A research team led by Tejal Desai at the University of California is busy working on a way to deliver insulin orally rather than through injections. Insulin being a hormone, cannot be administered orally as it get's destroyed by the acids in the stomach.
The researchers are working on a process of shielding the insulin in some kind of a protective microscopic coating so that it can be delivered into the bloodstream.
Though the research is still in it's infancy and needs to be tested on humans-it'll be a big boon to the millions of diabetics who have to endure the injections everyday.
Way to go professor and here's hoping that the "bubble(gum) doesn't break"!!
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