Monday, January 4, 2016

6 Healthier, Lighter Recipes of Your Favourite Indian Foods

Indian food has some of the most sinfully delicious dishes that it makes you crave for more. Most of these dishes are so rich that it makes you feel sluggish for the rest of the day. So what if you could make lighter and healthier versions of the same dishes which you could enjoy and still go about your day without feeling guilty.
Here are some healthy Indian food recipes that you can try out and enjoy (portion control is still a must). (Click on the name of the recipe to go to the page)
1)Healthy Palak Paneer recipe: Make it a low-calorie version, but don't compromise on the taste by using low-fat milk and wholewheat flour (atta) to make it creamy. You can substitute the paneer with tofu, chickpeas or even chicken. Enjoy this with some hot phulkas or rice and dal.
2) Healthy Dal Makhani recipe: The makhani in this title is misleading as there is absolutely no makkhan (butter), no cream used in this recipe. Just removing that brings down the net calories in this recipe-and the low-fat milk adds the creaminess to the dish. Enjoy this with a plate of rice ,a side of veggies and some salad.
3)Healthy Chicken Biryani recipe: A healthier version of the delicious Indian Chicken Biryani made by using very little oil and some mixed veggies to increase the vegetable and fibre intake. If veggies in your biryani isn't your cup of tea-then you could always avoid them, but we are thinking about health here people!! 
4)Healthy Kotthu Paratha recipe: Yes, you can make this healthy by using your regular phulkas (wholewheat/Atta) instead of the parathas made with maida and oodles of butter and oil! Once mixed with the chicken/egg you honestly won't know that it is a healthier version of the Kotthu Paratha.
5)Healthy Ragda Patties/ Healthy Alu tikki chaat recipe: Use rava/semolina to coat the tikki/patties and shallow fry or bake the tikkis. The rava ensures that the tikki doesn't absorb oil like those made with bread crumbs.
6) Healthy Tandoori chicken recipe/ Healthy tandoori fish recipe: Tandoori food should actually be healthy as they are baked. By not using oil and food colour in the marinade, it actually becomes all the more healthy.
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