Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Have a hop,hop,hoppy (& Healthy) Easter!

In my endeavor to make your (and our own) life a little more healthier, here are some ideas to make this Easter a little healthy for all:
1. For the Easter egg hunt: Kids love this tradition of hunting for eggs and discovering the treats inside them. This year, instead of filling all the eggs with only chocolates, candies and other sugary stuff (they get too much sugar on other days anyway), you could ALSO fill some of the eggs with other treats like:
• Stickers/ tattoos
• Cute erasers
• Animal crackers
• Toy cars
• Cute bob pins/barrettes/ hair clips/hair bands
• Magnets
2. For the Easter Basket: along with the chocolate bunny and some candies, try filling the basket with:
• Popcorn
• Crayons/color pencils/ Color markers
• Coloring book
• Toys
• Crackers
3. For the Easter menu: I wouldn't want to spoil all the fun on a festive day by having only healthy food on the table, instead try including some healthy recipes along with the traditional food to have a perfect balance:
• Grilled/tandoori chicken or fish instead of fried chicken/fish
• Herb roasted veggies
• Garden salad with vinaigrette or buttermilk dressing
• Fresh fruit salad
• Fresh fruit juice instead of soda/aerated drinks
After you’ve had your fill, enjoy the spring weather with your family by taking a nice long walk.
Have a ‘hoppy Easter’!

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