Friday, December 19, 2008

Healthy Breakfast Options

Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in what Adelle Davis said eons ago:
“Eat breakfast like a King,
Lunch like a Prince, and
Dinner like a Pauper”!!

During my consultations, I always tell my clients to visualize an "inverted triangle" and pattern the quantity of food on that: the heaviest meal in the mornings, and then reduce the quantity such that dinner becomes the lightest meal.

The logic behind it being that you need to kick-start your day with a good helping of healthy food so that you have enough time to burn it during your waking hours when your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)is at it’s peak. Dinner needs to be the lightest meal and eaten at least two hours before going to sleep when the BMR is at it’s lowest.
So, how does one decide which are the healthy foods for breakfast and which are not?

Healthy options:
Dosa(less oil/no oil)+sambar
Poha with vegetables(less oil)
Uppma with vegetables (less oil)
Paranthas (less oil)
Phulkas +sabzi
Whole wheat bread with fresh veg/egg white and mint chutney
Dhoklas +mint chutney
Fresh fruit + low fat yogurt(curd)
High fibre, low sugar breakfast cereals* with skimmed milk.

And the not so healthy options:
Oily dosas +coconut chutney
Cheese omelet’s
Oily paranthas
White bread with butter/jam
Sausages +hash browns

*Check out WebMD for tips on how to choose a healthy breakfast cereal:

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